About Us

About Us

Solaris Financial provides services and solutions in the following areas:

  • Electronic payment processing - Mastercard/Visa credit and debit card processing, along with American Express and Discover. Electronic Check Processing, ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing.

  • ATM Solutions - ATM sales and processing services.

  • POS Systems - Point of Sales terminals, registers and Inventory control solutions

  • Payroll Processing - Tax witholdings, employee screening and verification services. Employee payroll check distribution and direct deposits.

  • Technology

    Technology is the cornerstone of all electronic transaction processing, whether at the POS, ATM or online. Solaris Financial operates its own customer databases and transaction processing systems 24/7.

    Tier 1 Customer Service

    Here at Solaris Financial, customer service is a key strategy to our success. Our customer's calls are picked up by a live agent 90% of the time. We call back our customers within 24 hours of any voicemail or email. We also maintain a state of the art CRM system with case management tools.


    Solaris Financial operates with the highest level integrity when it comes to dealing with our customers and prospective customers. We work with our customers with a single unified approach that doesn't have internal competing departments or divisions.

    Partner Programs

    More about how Solaris Financial works with third parties, trade associations and other resellers.

    Commitment to Service

    Service Quality Performance

    We strive to have the lowest chargeback-to-sales ratio.

    Gold Quality Service

    Our customers commend us on providing gold quality service 24/7 365 days a year


    A World of Opportunity

    As one of the fastest-growing processors in the US, Solaris Financial offers tremendous career opportunities.