Payroll Processing

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Outsourcing payroll services and tax-filing services is an effective way of increasing productivity and reducing overhead costs. Solaris Payroll offers a host of payroll services based on a personalized commitment to each customer. We also offer state of the art payroll processing systems, which include Internet payroll processing and management (online payroll). A full array of reports and features are available at a price to meet our clients budget.

With years of payroll experience, we've tailored our expertise, customer service and flexible products and services to the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses. We also provide customized reporting and commissions calculations for large businesses and government organizations.

Each pay period, your employee checks and reports from Solaris arrive at your office, or the funds are directly deposited in your employee's bank account(s) exactly as you specify. Next day delivery of your payroll is available if required, and we can directly deposit employee earnings to any bank in the country. You have many flexible paycheck options!

The Solaris Payroll system features extensive earnings and deductions categories, so we're flexible enough for virtually any business. And unlike other payroll services, the Solaris package includes, at no extra charge:

  • Complete tax filing services
  • Electronically Signed and sealed payroll checks
  • A variety of easy-to-read Management Reports
  • Up to three free separate direct deposit accounts per individual employee

Solaris Payroll Processing Services offers a full array of tax filing services and takes responsibility for making sure all tax payments are accurate and paid on time. If we make a mistake, we pay the penalty and interest. You can also utilize the restaurant payroll package to make sure your tips and FICA/tax deduction shortfall is handled appropriately.


Automated Reporting/Remittance Services

We offer solutions to help with complex payroll reporting and remittance requirements through our fully automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) platform. We have the capability to file transmit section 125 deductions and retirement plan contributions to hundreds of 3rd party institutions on your behalf. The following capabilities are available with our reporting and remittance service.
  • Union Reporting/Remittance
  • Section 125 Deductions Reporting/Remittance
  • Retirment Plan Contributions Reporting/Remittance
  • 1099 Commission Reporting/Remittance
  • Vendor Payment Reporting/Remittance

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