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Solaris Financial understands that a comprehensive payment processing program often goes beyond the core services of credit and debit card processing. Designed with our customers in mind, our additional services can help increase your revenue stream and lower operating expenses while increasing profits.

Select from additional payment processing options and programs created to help your business:

  • Prepaid cards. Help promote your business and increase awareness, traffic and revenue with our prepaid cards. Both network-branded (“open-loop”) and private label (“closed-loop”) gift cards are available.
  • Loyalty cards. Solaris Financial offers business owners a flexible, secure way to issue and manage a card-based customer loyalty program. This customizable program allows you to create individual promotions (and rewards) using a convenient web-based interface.
  • Check Services. Through our strategic alliance with Certegy, Solaris Financial offers multiple check processing options, including Check Verification, Check Warranty and Electronic Check Conversion (ECC).
  • Equipment Replacement program. Minimize interruptions in processing due to equipment failure with our optional equipment insurance. We offer replacement if your terminal should fail for any reason other than abuse, acts of nature, fire or theft.
  • Supply program. Never run out of receipt paper again. Solaris Financial’s optional supplies service eliminates the hassles associated with ordering terminal supplies. Simply call Customer Care 24 hours a day to place an order.
  • Service Protection Plan. Solaris Financial’s optional service protection plan eliminates the hassles associated with hardware failure. For a small monthly fee, you will be eligible to receive a replacement credit card terminal if your current equipment isn't working for any reason. Simply call Customer Care 24 hours a day to have a replacement terminal shipped out.
  • Data Breach Protection. Receive 30 days of Data Breach Protection free as an Solaris Financial customer. Our Data Breach Protection program helps protect your business against data breaches and the heavy fines which can be imposed by the networks for each data breach incidence.
  • Split Settlement (or “Cash advance Program”?). Turn your credit card receivables into cash using our Cash Advance program.
  • ATM Solutions. Purchase, rent or lease an ATM to help generate revenue and lower credit/debit card processing fees. We can also reprogram your current ATM in order to lower processing fees and provide better customer service and support.

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