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Many consumers like to write checks, so accepting them as a payment method is important to your business. Unfortunately, merchants who accept checks may occasionally receive bad checks, which can be costly and frustrating. That’s why Solaris Financial has formed partnerships with industry-leading check services providers Certegy and CrossCheck to offer our merchants worry-free protection against bad or fraudulent checks.

We offer several different services that allow our merchants to more confidently accept checks, while also allowing their check-writing customers to use their preferred method of payment.

Certegy Services Offered:

  • Verification and Collection - The Verification and Collection Service is a cost effective way for merchants to screen their check payments against Certegy’s database for negative information.  The merchant is issued an approval if nonnegative information is found or a decline if there is negative information.  There is no warranty or guarantee on the checks and the merchant may either send returned checks to the payment recovery service or collect their own returned checks.
  • Warranty - Checks warranted through the Certegy program ensure that a merchant is reimbursed for 100% of the face value of authorized checks up to their maximum check limit amount.  There’s no need to worry about accepting checks or collection on returned checks.   The merchant simply completes a “Claims Submission Form” and forwards any NSF checks to Certegy for reimbursement.
  • Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) - Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) combines warranty features with conversion technology.  With each authorized check, funds are electronically processed and deposited into the merchant’s account, much like a credit card transaction. Certegy ECC incorporates the same guarantee features as Certegy Warranty in addition to converting the check into an electronic transaction.

CrossCheck Services Offered:

  • Check Guarantee - Merchants using this service deposit all approved checks into their bank account, and should any approved item be returned unpaid, they are reimbursed for 100% of the face amount of that item up to $2,000.
  • Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) - Electronic Check Conversion (ECC) offers a convenient method for merchants to manage their check payments.  Guarantee service is combined with conversion technology, converting each check into an electronic transaction at the point of sale.  Each check is voided and returned to the customer at checkout, eliminating the hassle of counting and reconciling paper checks at the end of each shift.  The transactions are then settled at the end of the day, much like a credit card transaction, allowing the merchant faster access to their funds.


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