Loyalty Cards

Building repeat business is essential to success. Our customizable loyalty card program provides a flexible, secure way for you to create individual promotions and rewards, while tracking points and redemptions via an easy-to-use Web site.

Our program consists of plastic, magnetic-striped cards (similar to gift cards) that can be customized to include your business name, logo or artwork. The cards capture and update points and rewards information instantly and electronically at the point of sale — resulting in a more secure, reliable method of gauging customer response.

You'll have access to valuable reporting information about consumer buying habits, including purchase frequency using our online reporting. That way, you can create targeted marketing programs to help build a bigger and better business.

  • Cards can be customized to include your business name, logo or artwork.
  • Promote repeat business and identify and reward your best customers for doing business with you.
  • Create exciting promotions to encourage spending and leverage customer buying habits to create targeted offers and promotions.
  • Our easy-to-use Web site lets you define your own rewards program with helpful instructions and samples.
  • Cards are more secure than paper-based punch cards, which are vulnerable to fraud.
  • More reliable information because points and rewards are tracked electronically.
  • The program provides detailed customer information, including purchase frequency.
  • Free Web-based reporting available so you can view instant account information, including card balances and rewards points. Cardholders can also check balances via the Web.

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