Credit cards continue to grow as a preferred form of payment for consumers. Solaris Financial enables businesses of all types and sizes to benefit from fast, secure, reliable credit card processing.

Solaris Financial provides you with:

  • Direct connections to all major credit card associations networks to ensure faster credit processing.

  • Fast transaction speeds coupled with high-speed telecommunications can keep the entire payment transaction down to seconds.

  • Reliable processing uptimes help you process transactions quickly and seamlessly. Solaris Financial is one of the most reliable processors in the industry. Redundant data centers load-share to ensure optimal routing and consistent processing availability.

  • Exceptional customer service for the prompt attention you deserve whenever you need it. Toll-free, dedicated customer service available 24/7/365 – with more than 98% of calls answered within 30 seconds.

New product solutions

Data Breach Protection

Add to your existing fraud defenses with our comprehensive program.