Payment Terminals

In a face-to-face environment, offering your customers the payment method of their choice can be crucial to ensuring a satisfying experience. From our virtual terminal (which turns your Web-enabled computer into a payment terminal) to seamless integration with most integrated payment systems, Solaris Financial offers you the wide selection payment terminal types you need to remain competitive.

Let your customers tap-and-go using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. With RFID, no signature is required for transactions under $25. This is especially advantageous in environments where speed is key and increasing customer throughput is a top priority.


Whatever industry you’re in and whatever the size of your business, Solaris Financial offers seamless support and integration with leading integrated point of sale platforms. We have partnered with industry-leading applications, including Radiant Systems’ Aloha for restaurants; Radiant Systems’ Counterpoint for retail; MTX WinEPS for supermarkets; and VeriFone Ruby for petro/c-stores; and many more.

We strive to ensure customer satisfaction, so if you don’t see your application listed, don’t worry. Chances are we have already certified with that system, but if we haven’t, know that we proactively work with point of sale providers to certify new systems to our network and add new features.

Click here for a full list of Integrated Application Systems.


Enhance your customers’ payment processing experience by offering their preferred payment type. Solaris Financial offers a wide selection of equipment peripherals to expand those options:

  • Check Readers. Accept checks more easily and securely by adding a check reader to your terminal. Reduce the possibility of accepting bad checks, insufficient funds and check fraud with our check payment solutions.
  • PIN Pads. Offer your customers greater security with PIN-secured debit and reduce your chances of fraudulent transactions.
  • RFID Readers. . Increase customer throughput and offer the latest in payment technology with industry-leading OTI Saturn 5000 or VIVOPay 4000 RFID card readers.
  • Printers. Help reduce your processing costs by adding an optional printer to your equipment. By using a printer with equipment such as our Virtual Terminal, you can produce a signed, printed receipt in the event of chargebacks or fraud.
  • Check Imagers. A scanner sends an image of the paper check for conversion to an electronic payment, which can result in faster settlement. Since the check is handed back to the customer after scanning, this eliminates the manual labor and time-consuming process of counting paper checks at the end of each shift.


When you need to collect payments from your customers at established intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), Solaris Financial’s recurring payments program is ideal. Businesses that collect routine payments or membership dues, such as Internet service providers, health clubs, rental communities, religious organizations, etc., can safely and securely collect scheduled payments from a customer's credit card, debit card or bank account via direct ACH automatically via the Internet using our program.

Our recurring payments program helps you to:

  • Eliminate the costs and hassles associated with manual check collection and paper invoicing.
  • Save on costs associated with paper invoicing, such as postage, labor, and collecting Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees.
  • Offer your customers the ability to make larger purchases with the convenience of layaway. Our application allows for a one-time down payment, followed by monthly recurring payments at pre-defined intervals you select via our secure, easy-to-use Web interface.

Our program accepts a wide array of payment options, including major credit cards, or direct ACH drafts from consumer checking accounts. You can also set your own billing cycles and reconcile your records easily through our built-in, user-friendly Web interface.


Reliable payment processing begins with your equipment. Solaris Financial is certified with and supports a wide range of point of sale equipment, including from industry-leading payment terminal manufacturers VeriFone and Hypercom.

Our relationships with terminal providers such as these, combined with our affordable lease/purchase programs offer you the flexibility to use your existing equipment, upgrade or buy new equipment for optimal payment processing.


Turn any Web-enabled computer into a payment processing terminal using Solaris Financial's Virtual Terminal. Our Virtual Terminal is a convenient, value-added option for businesses who prefer using their computer as their processing solution.

Our Virtual Terminals provides:

  • Speed. Process payments more quickly through our high speed network.
  • Security. Every transaction processed through the Virtual Terminal is secured using:
    • 128-bit encryption and 3DES security used globally by financial networks
    • Credit card validation and pre-authorized transactions
    • CVV2/CC2 support with AVS for informed decision making about transaction acceptance
    • Card number truncation that conceals customer account numbers
    • Peripherals, like mag-stripe readers and PIN pads, that provide extra security
  • Simplicity. Solaris Financial’s Virtual Terminal is easy to use. No need to waste computer memory with software and no programming is necessary. Simply log on to the Internet to begin processing transactions.
  • Flexibility. Because Virtual Terminal is a web-based application, you can log on from any PC.
  • Efficiency. Our Virtual Terminal allows you to create multiple users with multiple permissions, ideal for situations where there is one computer but many account-hlders, such as beauty salons.


Wireless terminals allow for the ultimate in flexible payment processing, combining fast, convenient and secure payment acceptance with mobility. Solaris Financial’s wireless terminals work via the Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon cellular networks. Using a wireless terminal also eliminates the need for a business phone and its supporting resources…perfect for mobile businesses or businesses in kiosk locations.

With wireless terminals, you can:

  • Accept credit and debit cards quickly and securely, in nearly every location imaginable.
  • Capture signatures and finalize payments on-the-spot.
  • Increase profits with faster, real-time authorizations.

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