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Instantly access your account information whenever you need it. Solaris Financial’s fast, free and secure WSeb-based program gives you a broad range of reports and account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our user-friendly Web site allows merchants to access their transaction data on demand to view daily and monthly activity reports...providing time-critical information to identify and help correct potentially costly problems such as downgrades and chargebacks. The site provides quick access to transaction data, deposits and notification of retrieval requests.

Solaris Financial’s complete service offering includes a wide array of detailed reports. Developed with the input of businesses just like yours, our easily accessible online transaction reports give you the information you need, whenever you need it.

    • Lists the daily deposit to the bank account(s) you specify, including totals by card type and by day.
    • “Bankcard” shows deposits for Visa and MasterCard transactions.
    • Debit and EBT transactions will show as a separate line item.
    • Transactions settled by a third-party appear with the total settlement amount transmitted to that organization on your behalf.

    • A detailed analysis of the transaction types processed by location, the exact interchange categories through which they were qualified, and the specific Association charges for those interchange levels.
    • Individual debit fees are broken down by network so you can see exactly how your processing fees are calculated.
    • Fee structures are automatically updated as the Associations or Debit networks modify their pricing or add new interchange categories.

    • A powerful tool in the fight against internal fraud, this report lists any returns (refunds) processed at a location.
    • Then the tool reviews the past year’s activity at that location looking for the original sale transaction.
    • If it does not find an offsetting transaction on that card number for the refund amount or greater, that card number, terminal, dollar amount and date and time are highlighted for further investigation.
    • If a sale is found but is less that the refund amount, both transactions are displayed – giving you the information to determine if the refund was legitimate or if addition action is required.

    • Shows breakdowns by card type, debit network, sales/refund counts and amounts. Use this information to reconcile against batch reports coming from individual locations.
    • Sort the results by clicking on the column header you wish to sort by.
    • The Net Sales Amount is sales less the value of refunds.
    • Discount Due and Items Fees Due are interchange and assessments or debit network fees collected.

    • Provides basic information at a glance about the transactions returned. If you need more detail, simply click on the “Transaction Detail” icon.
    • The card number is masked. If you need to retrieve the full card number, an Solaris Financial Customer Care Representative will assist.
    • Displays information about a specific transaction, including the authorization amount, interchange category and the date settlement was processed.
    • If a downgrade occurred, there is a hyperlink to the downgrade reason.
    • Locate specific transactions in response to a customer inquiry, assist in reconciliation or for other purposes.
    • Any of the search fields can be used to narrow results.
    • This report reflects the data that RBS Lynk settled for you or sent to a third party for settlement.

    • Shows transactions at specific locations – available within minutes of the transaction taking place. If your customer has a question about a transaction, you can assist quickly.
    • The “Comm Type” field indicates how the transaction was communicated to RBS Lynk – Frame Relay (and Satellite), Internet, or Dial.
    • Please note: based on the business environment, authorization amounts may not match settlement amounts processed. For instance, in a restaurant with tip processing, in a hotel, or if a reversal occurs.

    • Run this report ad hoc or set up an automatic daily query to ensure you have the most time to respond to requests.
    • The report details:
      • A first or second request
      • An original request date
      • How many days are left to respond
      • The date the response has been fulfilled
    • Solaris Financial automatically responds to as many requests as possible without requiring your employees to spend valuable time researching transactions.
      • If you have questions, our retrieval and chargeback specialists are here to assist you through the process.
      • You will continue to receive paper notifications of retrieval requests, but the online report provides immediate information.

    • Sums the chargebacks received over a specific time frame by Reason Code to quickly identify chargebacks received and their cost.
    • The results may suggest additional training or process improvements to reduce your future chargeback exposure.

    • Lists any chargebacks received from Visa, MasterCard and Discover.
    • The Disposition, Reason Code, Date of Disposition and amount of the chargeback are displayed along with the original transaction date, location and masked card number.
    • We have personnel specializing in retrieval requests and chargebacks to help you through the process.
    • As with Retrieval Requests, you will continue to receive paper notifications of chargebacks.

Log in to our online reporting Web sites to access a variety of useful reports. These reports are easily readable on screen and can be printed for viewing and highlighting. Specify a date range, transaction type, or location, depending on the report, to get the specific information you need.

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