Shopping Carts and Internet Gateways

Dependable, Secure Processing on Innovative Shopping Cart Technology

Online shopping carts make it easy to serve consumers' needs 24/7, without increasing your labor costs.  Solaris Financial supports industry-leading shopping carts such as Cart 32, Miva and Shopsite.

Once your shopping cart is installed, we make it easy for you to get started with payment processing via your online shopping cart.

  • Solaris Financial will provide your unique Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) numbers.
  • Log into your shopping cart software and select RBS WorldPay as your payment processor.
  • Enter the TID and MID into the shopping cart system, and you are ready to begin processing online transactions. 

Powerful Processing via a Leading Internet Payment Gateway is one of the leading payment gateways providing web, retail and mail and telephone order merchants a reliable and secure way to manage electronic payment transactions. Through our partnership, we ensure smooth payment processing and the benefits of streamlined reporting features which integrate easily with QuickBooks and Excel.

One of the leading payment gateway providers, is widely used by web, retail and mail order/telephone order merchants.  Solaris Financial has established a partnership with that allows you to process online payments with confidence, knowing your eCommerce business is in the hands of best-in-class providers.

Flexible Solutions to Help Your Business Succeed Online

By processing payments with Solaris Financial and, you can accept credit, debit and gift card payments via the Web.  Plus, you have an online payments solution that allows you to monitor transactions, customize the gateway to your website and shopping cart, manage your account and more.'s robust reporting features integrate easily with QuickBooks and Excel.

The Reliability You Want with Stability You Can Trust

With many years of experience in the online payments processing industry, Solaris Financial and give you a stable solution you can rely on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Redundant processing centers ensure payments don’t get stuck in Internet traffic.   

Cutting Edge Technology Protects Every Transaction

We understand security is of primary importance to you.  That's why we employ industry-standard 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect card holder data.  We also adhere to strict compliance and data security standards set by the credit card associations.  Our compliance has been validated through the card associations' PCI programs.

Fighting Internet Fraud and Protecting Customer Information

Solaris Financial employs additional levels of security to protect you and your customers.  Our Address Verification System (AVS) and Card Code Validation (CCV) are only a couple of the services in our ongoing effort to secure cardholder information. This means customer information is protected with every transaction.

Process Payments Anywhere with our Virtual Terminal

Accept a wide range of payment types using Solaris Financial’s Virtual Terminal. Authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from any Web-enabled computer with our convenient and easy-to-use payment solution. 

Virtual Terminal can save you money and space (since you don’t have to purchase and make room for stand-alone POS terminals) without losing the convenience of accepting multiple payment types.  You can also add an optional mag-stripe reader and a PIN pad for extra security and to reduce fraud.

Rely on Virtual Terminal for the many benefits it brings to your business:

  • Speed. Process payments more quickly through our high speed network.
  • Security. Every transaction processed through the Virtual Terminal is secured using:
    • 128-bit encryption and 3DES security used globally by financial networks
    • Credit card validation and pre-authorized transactions
    • CVV2/CC2 support with AVS for informed decision making about transaction acceptance
    • Card number truncation that conceals customer account numbers
    • Peripherals, like mag-stripe readers and PIN pads, that provide extra security
  • Simplicity. Virtual Terminal is easy to use. No need to waste computer memory with software and no programming is necessary. Simply log on to the Internet and start processing transactions.
  • Flexibility. Because Virtual Terminal is a web-based application, you can log on from any PC.
  • Efficiency. Virtual terminal allows you to create multiple users with multiple permissions.

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