Global Payments

The Internet has dramatically expanded commercial opportunities by eliminating geographic borders that previously separated consumers from goods and services. Yet the complexities of managing cross-border payments between consumer and business remain.

The Solaris Financial e-payments platform provides US-based businesses the tools and support required to accept credit card transactions in 127 currencies through a single, easy-to-use Web interface. Our clients can settle in up to 14 different currencies and gain access to more than 75 different country-specific payment types.

The Solaris Financial e-payments solution seamless integrates into any sales environment, including websites, call centers, mobile networks and physical points of sale.

  • Convenient Single Point of Contact You will have full multi-currency, international payments and card processing capabilities for all of your domestic and international business through one system, one contract and one relationship manager - eliminating the need for contracts with multiple processors and acquirers.

  • Local Partnership, Global Support Our team of US-based Relationship Managers ensures that every customer receives dedicated and consistent quality service that is tailored to meet your needs. Your business will receive both the immediate support and the long-term planning necessary for growing revenue worldwide thanks to a team that includes an experienced account manager, a global support team spanning three continents, and our self-service management tools.

  • Performance Availability and Integrity Our robust technical backbone features replicable, fail-safe payment engines delivering premium performance and the best availability profile in the payment industry. Long established relationships across the financial industry enable Solaris Financial to support additional links and alternative routes to multiple acquirers, should an individual acquirer become unobtainable. All connections are validated using digital certificate technology, and all communications are through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted channels. Logical protection, state of the art firewalls and encrypted databases allow RBS Lynk to reliably store customer payment details on behalf of our merchants.

  • Reduced Risk, Increased Control Solaris Financial supports all the risk management techniques being advocated by each of the respective card schemes. Initiatives, such as 3-D Secure or CVC2, are monitored and adopted as they gain market relevance. A range of imbedded fraud protection functionalities further reduces the risk of non-collection or chargeback.

Solaris Financial offers an international and US e-payment solution that embraces an unrivaled number of payment methods. We ensure that your customers can use the payment methods they trust. We continuously add value by implementing new payment methods, developing stronger risk and fraud tools, and adapting to constantly changing technical requirements.

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