Card Acceptance

As card payments continue to grow in popularity with consumers, accepting card payments becomes even more crucial to your business’s growth. Solaris Financial provides access – and advocacy on your behalf - to the credit card networks.


Your Business, Our Processing Expertise - A Winning Combination

Credit cards continue to rank high as a form of payment. Solaris Financial enables retailers of all shapes and sizes to
benefit from fast, secure credit card processing. With the latest in technology coupled with lightning fast processing speeds and unbeatable customer service, Solaris Financial is prepared to help you deliver the payment options your customers expect.

Solaris Financial expedites credit payment processing for retailers by providing: 

  • Direct Connections to all major credit card networks.
  • Fast transaction speeds coupled with affordable, high-speed chip-based, contactless card technology can keep the entire payment transaction down to seconds.
  • Reliable processing uptimes help you process transactions quickly and seamlessly. Solaris Financial is one of the most reliable processors in the industry. Redundant data centers load share to ensure optimal routing and consistent processing availability.
  • Expedited customer service for the prompt attention you deserve whenever you need it. Toll-free, dedicated customer service available 24/7 - with more than 98% of calls answered within 30 seconds.


Debit Solutions Equal Customer Convenience

Debit is one of the fastest growing payment types today - and as a business that competes in today's marketplace, you can't afford to miss out on the additional benefits associated with offering debit cards as a form of payment. Since nearly half of all card transactions are made with debit cards today, by offering debit, you're providing your customers with a convenient, preferred payment option.

ACH and Recurring Payments

When you need to collect payments from your customers at established intervals (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), Solaris Financial’s recurring payments program is ideal. Businesses that collect routine payments or membership dues, such as Internet service providers, health clubs, rental communities, religious organizations, etc., can safely and securely collect scheduled payments from a customer's credit card, debit card or bank account via direct ACH automatically via the Internet using our program.

Our recurring payments program helps you to:

  • Eliminate the costs and hassles associated with manual check collection and paper invoicing.
  • Save on costs associated with paper invoicing, such as postage, labor, and collecting Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) fees.
  • Offer your customers the ability to make larger purchases with the convenience of layaway. Our application allows for a one-time down payment, followed by monthly recurring payments at pre-defined intervals you select via our secure, easy-to-use Web interface.

Our program accepts a wide array of payment options, including major credit cards or direct ACH drafts from consumer checking accounts. You can also set your own billing cycles and reconcile your records easily through our built-in, user-friendly Web interface.

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A World of Opportunity

As one of the fastest-growing processors in the US, Solaris Financial offers tremendous career opportunities.