As a world-leader in payment processing, we look for the same drive for excellence in industries that are complementary to your business and ours. We partner with the very best integrated application systems, additional payment services providers and original equipment manufacturers to ensure your business has what it needs to continue growing its revenue streams.

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Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) can rely on Solaris Financial’s global expertise, reliable processing, industry-leading customer services…and a wide array of products and services to suit every business of every size.
Solaris Financial looks forward to partnering with robust businesses that want to grow with us.
In compliance with Visa and MasterCard rules and regulations, we require all of our ISO partners to register with Visa and MasterCard. ISO partners are required to have a positive net worth and positive cash flow.

Referral Partners & Agent Banks

Offer your business members value-added payment processing services through Solaris Financial.  Banks and associations can enhance service offerings for their members, while boosting their revenues. Provide your partners with a complete range of payment processing products and services that fulfill your merchants’ and members’ processing needs - backed by our industry-leading service and experience.
Our program also offers you a profitable way to differentiate your bank or association from the competition, while earning residual income and attracting new merchants or members. And your merchants and members will reap the rewards of competitive rates – a win-win for all!

Third-Party Providers

As a global business, we understand the complexities of doing business today. To ensure that our customers have access to the products and services they need to succeed, Solaris Financial has partnered with some of the best third-party providers in key industries.  

Companies like Microsoft, PC America, Posinex, Certegy and CrossCheck (check services); Radiant Systems’ Aloha (integrated restaurant point-of-sale system);  Island Pacific (retail software solutions); Can Capital and Rapid Advance (Merchant Cash Advance);  and many others in key industries, have chosen Solaris Financial as a business partner because of the value we bring their customers…and the value they bring to ours.

Our program is designed to bring innovative and cost-effective solutions to our partners. Whether you are a hardware vendor or a software vendor, or work with non-card payment types, Solaris Financial provides you with all the tools and connectivity needed to help you eliminate middleware, which will streamline your solution for higher availability and better performance. And with Solaris Financial you can even offer additional solutions, such as gift and loyalty card programs.

We offer you a profitable way to differentiate your company from the competition, while also earning residual income and attracting new customers.

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Commitment to Service

Service Quality Performance

We strive to have the lowest chargeback-to-sales ratio.

Gold Quality Service

Our customers commend us on providing gold quality service 24/7 365 days a year

New product solutions

Data Breach Services

Add to your existing fraud defenses with our comprehensive program.