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The battle to protect your business – and customers – against fraud and identity theft is fought on all fronts. It’s often against an invisible enemy using every trick in the book, from cutting-edge technology to old-fashioned social engineering. Yet the reports of data breaches – of credit card numbers and consumer information being pilfered – continue, hitting many of the biggest businesses in the world.

The damage, both reputational and financial, can be debilitating. Fines from the card associations, government and regulatory agencies can exceed $500,000 per breach.

You are not alone in the fight against fraud.

Fraud prevention is one of our top priorities and we are at the forefront in developing and deploying measures to protect your business, as well as cardholder data. Our efforts on behalf of our customers have been recognized by Visa and MasterCard for resulting in the fewest duplicate transactions and the lowest chargeback ratios.

We offer the most robust risk management services, including:

  • Over 50 individual checks (in less than a second) against each transaction, drawing on data from the millions of payments we process globally

  • Address Verification Service (AVS) and Cardholder Verification Value (CVV)

  • Data breach services help protect your business and reduce fraud

  • Merchant Services adheres to -- and exceeds -- strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) mandated by the credit card associations. These standards were put in place as a first line of defense against fraud and identity theft

  • Our PCI Security Team helps with compliance questions and concerns by offering a series of webinars for all our merchants to either attend in real time, or to watch at their convenience online

  • We also keep you informed of any vital data security information and news by regularly posting industry notices.

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