Internet Payments

We offer several different solutions to suit different types and size of business.

Startup and Small Business - WorldPay

WorldPay logoRock bands, vast IT companies, the latest thing in vacuum cleaners. They all began in the garage, or so the legends go, sharing space with the tumble dryer and rusty cans of superlube. But starting a business successfully can be a little more comfortable using WorldPay, one of the longest established payment services and a proven leader in supporting new businesses.

WorldPay provides everything needed to accept payments across all sales channels - Internet, telephone and mail order, local and international - both the technology and the Merchant Account, all through one account, one relationship. Compatible with a wide range of popular shopping carts, the service is quick and easy to set up but also offers customization to cater the more sophisticated needs of expanding businesses like inventory control and advanced fraud screening. WorldPay packages simplicity of use and essential features so that you can start processing quickly and reliably while focusing on your core business and its success.

Corporate & Public Sector - Bibit

Bibit logoWith depth of experience in managing the complexities of global cross-border trading, Bibit is an established leader in the provision of tailor-made payment solutions for international corporations. Offering a particularly broad range of country-specific payment methods, the Bibit service is supported by specialist payment consultants and implementation engineers. It supports all sales channels on an API or hosted payment page basis, with acquiring services incorporated or stand-alone. A 'total' enterprise payment solution at a fraction of the cost of in-house developments.

Super-Bandwidth Service - PaymentTrust

PaymentTrust logoPaymentTrust is the choice for businesses where high capacity in terms of numbers of transcations processed per second is the über requirement - either pemanently or in peaks. Ticket sales for major events for example. This super bandwith internet payment solution is designed for high-speed transaction scenarios of upto 200 simultaneous transactions per second. When combined with our cutting-edge fraud screening gateway, RiskGuardian, you can achieve the best levels of volume and security at far less cost than with an in-house solution. Add to this the packaged compliance with industry data security standards such as PCI-DSS, this super-bandwidth gateway is a serious consideration for any high-speed high-volume payment processing scenario.

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