Data Security

Add to your defenses against data breaches by taking advantage of our optional Data Breach Services program. Our program helps protect your business against data breaches and the heavy fines which can be imposed by the networks for each data breach incident.

Where to Find Data Security Information Online

Visit these Web sites for additional fraud prevention tips and compliance information:

* Visa –
* MasterCard -

Report Data Compromises Immediately

If you suspect cardholder data has been compromised due to theft or unauthorized access, contact Solaris Financial’s Customer Care immediately at 800-903-5914, or send an e-mail to

Compliance with data standards is required for all merchants accepting credit and debit card payments. Work closely with your application and equipment providers to ensure device compliance.

Additional Information

* Information about PIN-Entry Devices (PEDs)
* Merchant PCI Tips
* PCI Data Security Standard Summary
* Security Policies for Small Businesses
* Links to Additional Information

New product solutions

Data Breach Protection

Add to your existing fraud defenses with our comprehensive program.

Why do I need SSL?

Does your company have a Website, Mail Server or Intranet?